Congrats PT 3rd Graders!

Great job to all PV and BH 3rd graders who participated in the instrument selection process! The PT Music staff enjoyed meeting all of you and are looking forward to teaching you next year!

Please return the instrument selection form to Pleasant Valley, Bower Hill, or McMurray Elementary administration, so that your instrument selection choice can be considered for scheduling for the 2015-16 school year.

You may send rental contracts to the music store now. The 4-month trial will not begin until the start of the new school year.

Any student who missed the instrument selection for any reason is still very welcome to join. You can select instruments at many local music stores, such as Volkwein’s. Please communicate your instrument choice to McMurray administration at 724-941-5020 or email

Great 4th Grade Band Concert!!!

Congratulations 4th grade band members on an outstanding concert yesterday evening! I am proud of you all for the hard work you put in this year and for your performance yesterday. Thanks to all family and friends who came out to support the band, and for all of your support throughout the year. See you at your next lesson! Great Job!

Another Great Rehearsal!

This morning’s rehearsal went very well! We played through ‘Dr.Rock’ and ‘Minor Rock’ for the first time, and without stopping! Great work! We were then able to play parts of ‘Rio Bravo,’ ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain,’ ‘Royal Crown March,’ and ‘Boot Scootin’ Barn Dance.’ The only pieces we did not have time to play were ‘Bag O’ Blues’ and ‘Classical Canon.’

The concert is Tuesday May 19th at 7PM! Students should arrive between 6 and 6:45 and wear black bottoms and white tops.

See you soon!


Great Rehearsal!

The 4th Grade Band had a great rehearsal last week. We successfully played through ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’ for the first time without stopping. We also played through ‘Bag O’ Blues’ and ‘Classical Canon.’

The next and final rehearsal is Wednesday, May 13th at 8:05AM. We will start with ‘Dr. Rock’ and ‘Minor Rock’ and will then turn back to ‘Rio Bravo’ and play as many of the remaining songs as we can in the time that is left.

Then it is showtime! The concert is Tuesday May 19th at 7PM.


Great Rehearsal!

Yesterday’s 4th Grade Band rehearsal went very well! We accomplished everything on the agenda. We played through ‘Royal Crown March’ and ‘Boot Scootin’ Barn Dance.’

We made more progress on ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain,’ but we still have some work to put it together as a full band. Review BRCM on your own at home, and make sure you are counting all notes AND rests properly.

Great job! Next rehearsal is Wednesday, April 22nd at 8:05AM.

4th Grade Band Rehearsal

The McM 4th Grade Band has its 2nd full-band rehearsal this Wednesday, April 1st at 8:05AM in room 121 at McMurray Elementary. We will review ‘Rio Bravo’ and ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’ and will be rehearsing ‘Royal Crown March’ and ‘Boot Scootin’ Barn Dance.’

See you there!